The risk is a situation where an exposure to loss exists. It is a combination of hazards measured by probabilities and large numbers. An assembled risk management would be of high interest to the insured in order to avoid dispersion of actual from expected results. The Risk Management can contribute indirectly to business profits in below stated ways:

  • Peace of mind and acceptable level of worry and anxiety.
  • It can reduce the fluctuations in annual profit and cash flow.
  • Through advance preparations risk management can in many cases make it possible to continue operations following a loss.
  • Following a loss, Risk Management may be able to provide funded human material resources.
  • Creditors, customers, suppliers, all of whom contribute to company profits, prefer to do business with a firm that has sound protection against pure risk. Employees also prefer to work in such firms.
  • Insurance premium reduction for same coverage.

We conduct Risk Management, in the first stage, by identification and measurement of risks of accidental loss through a pre-risk survey conducted by one of our certified internationally recognized surveyors. In the second stage, we operate a selection of appropriate Risk Management techniques for resolving exposure problems by risk assumption risk reduction, risk retention, risk transfer and other systems including the purchase of insurance.